Proposition 8

I’ve alway been taught to leave politics and religion out of the hair salon, but the California Supreme Court handed down their ruling today on whether or not to uphold proposition 8. We lost.

I don’t have a problem with people who don’t agree with marraige equality, that is the beauty about being an adult American, you can believe what you want. I do have a problem with my right to marry the person of my choice being up for a vote.

Everyone deserves the same things in this life and no one has the right to decide whats good for others, mind your business.

To everyone who does believe in marraige equality, I thank you for your rational thinking and keep making babies, because we need more people like you to be parents and raise children without teaching hate and intolerance.

To those who don’t agree, I’d like to extend an invitation to sit and start a dialogue and get to a better place of understanding.