Happy 4th of July

Seems that its been sometime since I have been on here to blog but I don’t always want to be a windbag that goes on and on without much to say!

Hope that everyone has a happy and safe holiday weekend free of firework burns, sunburns, and hangovers tomorrow! Don’t forget to use your summer haircare products to protect that color that although I am not that expensive in todays economy no one can afford to waste money!!!

I would also like to request that everyone spare a quick thought or prayer to whatever diety you prefer for my mother who has one more chemo treatment left. She has and is having so many complications this time around that she is really struggling to stay positive and is sick and tired of being sick and tired. She had a biopsy this week on something that they found in her breast and we are hoping that she doens’t actually have breast cancer at the same time that she is going through ovarian cancer again.

Thanks for being great clients or prospective new ones and don’t forget to sign the guestbook, otherwise I will have to publish all the offers I get to see Jennifer Aniston naked!!! I get so excited to see that I got a new guestbook signature and all it is is an offer to see(alledgedly) celebrities nude!!!