We just got back from Hawaii and as much fun as I had I am certainly glad to be back. Can’t wait to see the kids and was so happy to see out little puppies and most of all sleep for a long time in our great big bed!!!

I was inspired by the beach and island way of  life, although it took us a few days, a convertible and a long drive around the island of O’hau to really get in to the aloha spirit.

Flowers, flowers, flowers!! Everywhere! Those of you who know me know that I am a huge fan of flowers in the hair, but I must say don’t just plop a fake one right on top of your head!

Try when you can to use real fresh flowers

Be thoughtful of placement

Make sure your hair is not just a stringy mess and think a plastic flower will do the trick!!

Having arrived back in Dallas to this lovely fall weather also makes me think about the richness of a darker color for autumn, so think about coming in and getting some lowlights back in that summer blonde hair or if you are a brunette, lets get some deep dark and delicious gold, auburn or even plum brown back in the ends of that hair, which by the way looked wonderful for the summer but now its time to get it gone.

Now to combine the seasons, don’t be afraid to put that flower in your newly darkened locks, just use a more tradtional fall bloomer and not the hibiscus!!

On another note, remember that we are getting closer and closer to the holiday season, so if we haven’t booked you through the year yet, email or call and lets get you on the books. Remember that time on my books at this point is like currency!  Just a reminder too that my holiday hours are as follows

Nov 26th thru Dec 1st  I will be gone

Dec 25th thru Jan 4th I will be gone, but am working on Christmas Eve with 2 appts still open