Happy New Years!!!

Winter is definetly upon us!!! A lot of you probably are having some static isssues. Bounce fabric softener can be your answer,  just run a sheet over the top of your hair and static should disappear!!!

As of January 29th, I am officially a married man. Tim, the kids and I went to Vancouver BC for during the Christmas holiday as a family present, and while we were there, Tim and I were legally married. Yes it feels different and no it doesn’t. When we put on our rings last year to us that was the moment we were promising to be together for the rest of our lives, so we have felt married for awhile now. We used our rings that we have now for the ceremony, I think after polishing them with a dirty sock!!! It was fast and beautiful and the kids got to be our witnesses, so that made it extra special for us all.

Hope everyone has a prosperous and drama free new year and looking forward to seeing you all soon.